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Ally Marketing is a Rhode Island-based PR firm that believes in leveraging the full breadth of the PR discipline. People too often believe that public relations is synonymous with media relations. Media relations is a tactic designed to influence reporters or journalists who, in turn, influence target audience perceptions about a particular individual, organization, or brand through positive publicity (e.g. a feature story, product review, etc.). But that is only one way to use PR.

A comprehensive and more effective public relations strategy should employ many tactics. Remember BP’s extensive campaign that followed the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010? That PR effort continues to this day. While that’s an extreme example, it highlights how public relations can be an entire set of integrated activities that helps your organization influence its audiences.

Ally Marketing is a versatile PR firm offering an array of services, including

Ally Marketing can help you determine whether public relations is right for your business goals. If it is, we can generate positive publicity for your organization, and engage directly with your audience (and key influencers) via other communications mediums. We can also help you measure the impact of PR efforts with website analytics, online conversation monitoring, and consumer research (quantitative and qualitative).

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