SEO for Increased Visibility, Lead Generation, and Online Sales

Ally Marketing is a Rhode Island-based digital marketing agency that helps organizations grow through SEO — the process of improving a website for increased visibility (higher ranking) in search engine results, which thereby generates increased traffic and leads/sales.

We help small businesses, nonprofits, and e-commerce sites achieve several goals, including:

  • improving visibility and foot traffic for specific retail locations (local SEO)
  • increasing traffic volume and sales for online product offerings
  • generating quality traffic and leads for high involvement service offerings

While we help many Rhode Island organizations, many of our clients are based throughout New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Midwest, including Massachusetts, Michigan and New Jersey.

Comprehensive Approach

We offer a comprehensive approach to SEO, which is a necessity given how search engine algorithms work in 2020. There are no shortcuts. Our work involves a combination of:

Technical Audit

Assessing crawl issues, re-direct chains, duplicate content, 404s, manual penalties, etc.

Keyword Research & Mapping

Identifying and selecting target keywords after evaluating searcher intent, popularity and competition levels.

Competitor Analysis

Evaluating competitor webpage content, UX, unique selling propositions, inbound links and more.

Content Evaluation & Revision

Improving on-page content and UX, adding structured data, requesting re-indexing, and more.

Conversion Optimization

Testing new forms of user engagement and revising lead capture forms.

Link Building

Developing an inbound link strategy through link re-acquisition, guest blogging, PR, etc.

Custom Plans

We offer customized SEO plans for all of our clients. We realize that every organization has different business goals, budgets, internal marketing resources, seasonality demands, and more. There is no one-size-fits-all method. We design SEO programs that are realistic to implement and meet your needs.


Our SEO services and expertise are very affordable, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise. Our work — and related pricing — involves three phases:

  • Phase 1: Technical Audit
    • We perform this for free and share insights / implications of “ground work” to be performed.
  • Phase 2: Keyword Research & Plan Development
    • This is a one-time fee starting at $1,000. This work is intensive and impacts everything ahead.
  • Phase 3: Implementation / Evaluation
    • This is an ongoing (typically monthly) fee scaled to your business needs.

Phase 3 is the longest portion of the work. Its length is determined by several variables, such as the keyword strategy, number of product/service offerings, and size of your website.

Our pricing starts at $500 per month. At this starting price we are optimizing several webpages each month. This arrangement helps to keep costs down and, equally important, it’s realistic for smaller organizations that don’t have the internal resources to review, edit and approve content and user experience revisions within a short period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some helpful responses to the most commonly asked SEO questions we’ve heard from clients:

SEO can be very affordable. The cost can range from several hundreds to thousands per month depending on the intensity of the work being performed. See our pricing structure above for more detailed information.

The short (and honest) answer: It depends. We’ve achieved high visibility (Page 1 ranking) for clients in less competitive situations within a matter of weeks; for more competitive situations, keywords can take months or more than a year to rank on Page 1.

Regardless of the situation, SEO is a long-term strategy that requires continuous, sustained effort. Many business leaders are often surprised by this; they believe SEO is a “one-and-done” activity when, in fact, organic search results, consumer search habits, and competitor website activity is constantly evolving.

Yes, absolutely. The size of the company is irrelevant with SEO. We’ve helped small businesses compete very well in search rankings alongside established brand names.

SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) are both effective tools, but they each have their advantages and disadvantages. Your organization’s goals, budget, timeline, and other factors influence which is best.

SEO is a long-term commitment and investment of resources, which can yield a larger volume of “free” search engine traffic; however, success takes time (see How long does it take? above) and is not guaranteed. Conversely, SEM offers greater control of search visibility and immediate results; however, click costs can be expensive and search ads generally yield a smaller percentage of click volume compared to organic search results.

This is completely false. The practice of “keyword stuffing” is irrelevant and spammy. While effective in 2003, this approach can hurt your site’s performance today. In fact, a core part of Google’s algorithm (Penguin) is designed to identify and demote sites that abuse this practice.