Launching a Nursing Master’s Degree for Georgian Court University

In March 2022, Georgian Court University (GCU) received late approval from the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education to launch a new, direct-entry Master of Science in Nursing program. This gave Ally Marketing only three months (April to June 2022) to recruit for the program’s inaugural class that fall. As their trusted enrollment marketing partner, they called on us to seat the first class for this unique graduate program.

Ally Marketing once again partnered with GCU’s communications and admissions staff, facilitating all campaign meetings and implementation. Due to the short timeframe, the strategy focused on attracting “inbound” or “in-market” student prospects. Tactics included search advertising, ads on popular nursing education directories, programmatic display (behaviorally-targeted), email marketing, and limited social media advertising. We also optimized the degree program’s webpage for both lead generation and search engine optimization.


0 Inquiries
Exceeding the goal of 160
0 Inquiries
Exceeding the goal of 80
0 Students Enrolled
Meeting the goal of 10
0 to 1: Return-on-ad-Spend
Each $1 spent on marketing generated $12 in gross revenue
Produced in Year 1 tuition revenue