Ally Marketing is a versatile social marketing media agency that is committed to demonstrating the ROI of social media. Unlike other forms of marketing, social media marketing is unique because its reach can span the entire marketing/sales funnel — from initial consumer awareness to actual purchase. Our organic and paid social media efforts can help businesses

  • generate awareness of products and services
  • educate consumers and establish trust
  • capture leads and generate sales
  • stay top of mind for repeat sales

Using social media to “hard sell” your followers is the fastest way to lose them. So don’t do it. Instead, Ally Marketing will help you engage them with relevant and meaningful content (see inbound marketing), and measure your return on investment both quantitatively (e.g., leads or sales) and qualitatively (e.g., positive sentiment).

As your consultant, we’ll also help you leverage social media for other important purposes, such as

  • public relations (to establish thought leadership or defend your reputation)
  • customer service (to answer customer questions or defuse complaints)
  • product development (to gain customer insights that inform upgrades)

An often forgotten function of social media marketing is the management of customer reviews on popular sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Google+, Amazon, TripAdvisor and many others, depending on your type of business. Positive reviews can also strengthen your business’ presence in search engine results.

Whatever your need, Ally Marketing is a social media agency that helps you address the most important questions before you start or increase your social media efforts (paid or organic):

  • Should we do social media marketing? Is it right for our business goals, audience, budget, staff resources, and other factors?
  • How should social media integrate with and enhance our marketing mix?
  • On what social media platforms should we have a presence, and why?
  • What organic and paid tactics should we use on each platform?
  • How should we define success?
  • What is our content strategy, and how do we reasonably manage it?
  • How do we measure progress and incorporate learnings?

Have Questions? We Can Help.