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Ally Marketing is a Google AdWords consultant that helps businesses get more out of their paid search investment. Google advertising virtually guarantees marketers the opportunity to appear at the top of Google search results within 24 to 48 hours of launch. But there’s more to Google AdWords than the “simple” text ads you may be familiar with. AdWords can also encompass display advertising, re-marketing, video advertising and product listing ads (for tangible goods). Google text ads even offer multiple ad extensions that can help your organization gain an edge over competitors.

Whether you’re new to Google advertising or wish to find a new Google AdWords consultant (and business partner), let Ally Marketing help you

  • choose the right Google advertising opportunities for your business
  • establish a keyword bidding strategy that fits your business goals
  • project your ROI from Google advertising
  • set up and manage your AdWords campaigns
  • connect your AdWords account to your website’s Google Analytics account
  • write text ads and webpages that optimize your performance
  • report and refine your AdWords campaigns based on performance learnings

We always recommend that clients begin with Google since it remains the leading search engine in the United States, with an average market share of 64% according to comScore rankings (this varies slightly by month). If budget allows, we recommend that clients test Bing ads as well, which also appear in AOL and Yahoo search results.

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