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Ally Marketing is an SEO agency that takes its partnerships seriously. If done right, SEO is a marketing practice that can yield big results for any business. In fact, organic search typically generates more than 50 percent of the traffic to any particular website, and even offers opportunity to further increase traffic.

Still, SEO has a few significant caveats.

  1. Success is not guaranteed. That’s right, SEO is not a sure thing and you should be wary of any SEO consultant who guarantees certain results.
  2. Success takes time. You may see results within a few weeks, but progress often takes several months to bear fruit.
  3. It’s a long-term investment. Because of caveats 1 and 2 above, it doesn’t make sense to stop SEO efforts only to watch your gains gradually slip away.

Our mission is not to discourage you from practicing SEO, but to set your expectations about its potential. Should Ally Marketing become your SEO agency, we would first encourage you to test Google advertising, which

  • provides a more immediate return on investment,
  • requires your business to optimize landing pages and other “on-page” elements of your website (foundational SEO work)
  • identifies your most profitable keywords

Your most profitable Google advertising keywords are a great place to start for SEO because they’ve proven to be (at least initially) worthy of longer-term investment. The next step would be to assess the search volume and organic competition for each keyword.


SEO success is commonly measured by an improvement in SERP rankings (your pages appearing higher in search engine results is an important key performance indicator). But we go beyond SERP rankings and tell you whether SEO generated increases in

  • total SERP impressions
  • website clicks/traffic
  • conversions (leads or sales) from organic search

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