Case Study: Search Engine Marketing

Lead generation growth and reduced cost per lead for a food manufacturer

Client: Savory Foods

A regional producer of gourmet food products used for organizational fundraising


The client had invested heavily in Google advertising for 4 years prior to working with us. While they found Google advertising to be fairly effective, they also found it to be very costly — with a cost per lead of $119. They hired Ally Marketing to improve the effectiveness (lead volume) and cost efficiency (cost per lead) of their search advertising efforts.

We focused on the company’s strongest product offering: cookie dough. We then evaluated their strongest competitors — their products, related webpages, and website user experiences. Given this information, we overhauled the client’s cookie dough webpage, lead capture form, and Google advertising.

sem case study


  • Increased the conversion rate from 1.71% to nearly 12% (+700%)
  • Decreased the cost per lead from $119 to $34 (-70%)
  • Generated $91,000 in gross revenue and a return on ad spend of $4.33:$1
increasing conversion rate from search engine marketing

This graph shows the increasing conversion rate from Google advertising over 13 months.

decreasing cost per lead from search engine marketing

This graph shows the client’s decreasing cost per lead (increasing cost efficiency) of Google advertising over 13 months.

screenshot showing Google Ad results for Savory Foods

A screenshot showing Savory Foods Google ad when their keywords are used.