Higher Education Marketing that Drives Enrollment Growth

Ally Marketing is a higher education marketing agency that generates enrollment growth for graduate, continuing education, and specialized undergraduate programs.

Since 2010, colleges and universities have partnered with us to oversee the strategy and execution of digital marketing campaigns that recruit prospective students locally, regionally, or nationwide. Whether it’s through social, search, or other digital marketing, our work drives prospects to your website, generates applications and increases program enrollment.

Needs We Address

Program Launch

Your institution is starting a new program and lacks the internal marketing expertise or resources to support its proper promotion.

Program Rescue

One (or more) of your programs has experienced a sudden or steady decline in inquiries and applications.

Program Support

Your institution has a specific need (e.g. search advertising) it must outsource to complement internal enrollment marketing efforts.


We offer a full range of digital marketing expertise to target prospective students at the top, middle, and bottom of the marketing/admissions funnel. Our campaigns create multiple “touch points” that intrigue prospects, educate them about programs, and attract them to engage admissions teams.

Enrollment Marketing Case Studies

Seating the First Accelerated Nursing Program for Georgian Court University

In September 2020, Georgian Court University (GCU) received approval to launch its first Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. They had only four months to recruit 15 students given the program’s scheduled start of January 2021. And there were other challenges━it was the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the program was to be delivered on campus (not online), and they lacked in-house marketing staff. That’s when they called Ally Marketing.

Launching a Nursing Master’s Degree for Georgian Court University

In March 2022, Georgian Court University (GCU) received late approval from the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education to launch a new, direct-entry Master of Science in Nursing program. This gave Ally Marketing only three months (April to June 2022) to recruit for the program’s inaugural class that fall. As their trusted enrollment marketing partner, they called on us to seat the first class for this unique graduate program.

How We’d Partner with You

We’d become an integrated part of your marketing team. For Program Launch or Program Rescue efforts, we can lead institutional teams consisting of marketing directors and their staff, program directors, admissions staff, and other stakeholders. For Program Support engagements, we can fulfill the specialist role and take part in regular staff meetings.

Whatever the situation, we accommodate your team’s style or preference for collaboration.

Let’s Connect

Schedule a 1-hour virtual consultation with us. We welcome the opportunity to hear your needs and get acquainted.