Ally Marketing is a unique higher education marketing firm. Our expertise in higher education is complemented (and strengthened) by our significant in-house and agency consumer marketing experience. Our strategic solutions and executional mastery deliver more impactful results than the usual branding or enrollment marketing practices.

Higher education’s identity and pedagogy have shifted dramatically during the last decade. A fiercely competitive landscape has emerged from the advent of digital marketing, ubiquitous online learning formats, and an increasing number of institutions hinging their identities on experiential education. Competition is fierce for undergraduate programs and especially for graduate degree and professional certificate programs.

We’ve led successful brand and enrollment campaigns on behalf of colleges and universities, as well as consumer product brands. Our efforts have helped schools:

  • Establish and unveil their brand identities
  • Increase brand awareness and positive perception (aided and unaided)
  • Increase leads, applications and enrollments for established programs
  • Improve student yields for specific programs
  • Improve alumni engagement and meet fund raising goals
  • Exceed enrollment goals for newly launched programs – in classroom, hybrid and online

Our higher education marketing firm is equally skilled in campaign implementation as it is in strategic planning. Our services include:


We recognize there are a myriad of higher education marketing firms and agencies pitching these services and making similar claims. But unlike them, we offer these distinct advantages:

  • We’re more affordable than big agencies or higher education marketing providers – e.g. Stamats, Pearson Embanet, Carnegie Communications, etc. – with their high retainers or the high profit percentages they require for enrollment success
  • We’re more experienced than the junior account executive you would be assigned by other firms. When you hire Ally Marketing, your point person is a senior director level pro
  • We’re more focused on proving the results of our branding, fund raising and enrollment marketing efforts, rather than on up-selling you more services

We’ve excelled in both higher education marketing and consumer product marketing for more than 30 years. We’ve partnered with deans, marketing directors, admissions directors, alumni directors, and development directors. Feel free to view our credentials and read testimonials from our prior clients.

Or, if you’re ready for a partnership, call us at 401.475.9300 or complete our online form and we’ll be in touch within one business day.

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