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Ally Marketing provides media strategy services for businesses and non-profits. Not to be confused with a marketing strategy, a media strategy guides how, when, and how often you reach your target audience(s) with paid advertising. It doesn’t matter whether your budget is $1,000 or $1 million, the right media mix is vital since it’s often the largest portion of any marketing budget.

At Ally, we consider many factors when developing a custom media strategy, including

  • your business goals (increase brand awareness, generate sales for a new product launch, etc.)
  • your brand position and messaging
  • your target audience (demographics, psychographics, where they live and work, etc.)
  • the media consumption habits of your audience
  • whether you’re trying to achieve maximum reach or frequency, or a balance of both
  • the type of “creative” to be used in the campaign
  • your budget
  • the intended length of your campaign
  • your main competitors and how they’re advertising
  • your prior success with different media vehicles (e.g., a specific radio station or website)

Our goal and our commitment is to develop, negotiate, and execute a media plan that achieves the strongest reach and frequency, and the greatest cost efficiency for your business. Unlike most media consulting companies, we don’t charge a percentage commission of your total media budget. Your media dollars are 100% yours.

For conversion-focused campaigns, we can measure your media strategy’s effectiveness using website analytics and your customer relationship management software. With these insights, we can help you allocate your budget to support high-performing tactics that will deliver the best possible return on ad spend.

Have Questions?  Schedule a Free, One-Hour Consultation.

Have Questions?  Schedule a Free, One-Hour Consultation.

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