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Ally Marketing is a Google Analytics consultant that helps businesses and non-profits setup, maintain and derive actionable insights from dizzying amounts of web data.

Google Analytics is arguably the most popular website analytics tool available for organizations large and small. Its high adoption rate is largely due to its low price tag (read: it’s free*). Still, many businesses don’t take full advantage of Google Analytics’ robust data and reporting capabilities.

As a certified Google Analytics consultant, we help clients answer the most important questions when it comes to overwhelming amounts of data: “So what? What does this information mean for my business? How do I use it to improve my marketing efforts?”

Perhaps you’re a small business owner and don’t have time to learn and keep up with Google Analytics. Maybe it falls into the no-man’s-land between your marketing and IT departments’ responsibilities. In any case, Ally Marketing’s Google Analytics service  can help you

  • enable conversion tracking (e.g., measuring online sales, completion of forms, or engagement with website content)
  • perform regular reporting
  • create custom dashboard reporting of key metrics
  • set up data filters (e.g., IP address exclusions, geo-location inclusions or exclusions, spam traffic exclusions, etc.)
  • interpret reports and make marketing decisions
  • set up appropriate data views (for better insights)
  • import valuable information to assess your overall marketing performance (e.g., budget spend for each marketing tactic to assess return on investment)
  • set up and manage your conversion tracking tags

*Basic Google Analytics is free; there is a paid version for enterprise-level needs.

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